The Bath Prize: Calling All Landscape Painters

The Bath Prize recognizes artists who excel in the medium of painting and create an excellent piece based on a landscape in the area of Bath, England. Submitting to this competition requires knowledge of or ability to visit the Bath region in order to draw inspiration from its beautiful 18th century gardens and architecture. A historical city, Bath provides artists with a plethora of inspiration for painting and the prize offers to motivate the production of those works.

The Bath Prize invites artists to get outdoors and capture some of the daily moments occurring within the city. Given the complexity of the environment and the act of painting itself, a strong artistic skill level is involved. A host to every season, Bath offers artists a landscape painting playground. Keep reading for insider insights on the greatest places to paint around Bath, along with some of the top tricks that successful landscape painters have used for centuries.

This site provides artists with important points to know about creating landscape paintings as well as the benefits of applying to art competitions such as the Bath Prize. The Bath Prize, and this site, exist to support greater understanding of the rich history of English landscape painting and historical value of Bath. Containing practical advice about paint mixing, perspective, depth, it also touches on careers in landscape painting. Don’t miss getting all the information about famous landscape artists and take some tricks from their toolbox for your own work. Browse around and soon you will be painting beautiful landscapes of Bath in no time.