Art and Design in the Gaming World

Art enthusiasts and fans of cutting-edge design may not think of casinos as the most obvious place to see original and sophisticated artworks. However, if you look around, you will discover that, more often than not, the art is not displayed on the walls as you might expect. Whether at a real casino or virtual one, take your time to think about the design of the games and how extraordinary even the smallest symbol is a miniature piece of art.

Casinos are big business, and online games account for many of the highest grossing apps. The artwork is designed to attract customers and is an integral part of game development, needing to be bold, attractive and eye-catching. Creating dynamic art specifically for casinos is a fast-emerging business, promoting big and bold designs that hint of luxury and wealth, keeping customers playing that little bit longer.

Many games, and in particular, slots, feature appealing characters with flashing images and light video effects. If you take a look at mrgreen on twitter, you can see the brand has an instantly recognisable image with a respectable figure as their central design theme.

The symbols on slots themselves are often animated, building up the excitement, raising your heart rate and enticing you to add more money to catch that winning jackpot.

The casinos themselves can be considered a work of art, with the spectacular buildings dominating the skyline in Las Vegas being the most obvious example. Their interior designs can be absolutely jaw-dropping with no expense spared. One example is the Red Rock Resort which has an astonishing chain of Swarovski crystals that measures 99 miles long.

Next time you wish to see the best of modern art and design, you might consider not heading to an art gallery, but instead you might want to pop into a casino.