Bath, England: Beautiful Landscapes

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, Bath, England is a must see spot for any traveller or artist. With a number of gardens, parks and green spaces, Bath offers a plethora of beautiful scenery all year round. Prior Park Landscape Garden sweeps the sides of the city providing residents and tourists with a widespread landscape that is breathtaking to see.

If you’re looking for some great spots in Bath, England, Royal Victoria Park is a sight to see for anyone visiting. Painting landscapes is especially beautiful in this area given that it sits just under the beautiful Royal Crescent, one of the worlds most prestigious golf courses. Want some sculptures in your landscape? Head down to Ilford Manor and the Peto Garden for some of the most unique trees and towering statues. Visit the 18th Century mansion at Bowood House and Gardens which sits on one of the largest historical Estates in the city.

Take a boat ride in Sydney Gardens to experience one of the last ‘Pleasure Gardens’ that has been maintained over the years. It holds its 18th century appeal by maintaining the space restored as historically accurate as possible. Green park provides large green spaces to adore, while Somerset Lavender farm provides pastoral views or floral gardens for miles. The World Heritage Sight and Prior Park Landscape Garden both offer some amazing architectural, 18th, century landscaping in Bath, England.

Beazer Maze is a paved walking puzzle that attracts many people to its stunning location. The appeal of the maze goes beyond its aesthetic value as it provides people with an interactive element to the outdoor garden. Alexandra Park visitors are given a sky scraper view of the beautiful skyline of 18th century, Bath, England. The options are endless when it comes to historical sites, gardens and parks.

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