Famous Artists: Capturing the Beauty of England

Creating art can be a difficult task for many people, but for some, it is what they were born to do. Painting landscapes has been a popular art form for years, and certain artists have made it their life’s work to capture the beauty of the British landscape. Studying other artists has been a form of inspiration for decades worth of popular art. Artists who study some of the most popular art are more likely to create more popular art themselves. If you are looking to paint landscapes, there are some key artists to study when it comes to painting British scenery.

John Constable, is a British artist who based his life around painting and nothing else. He promoted the beauty of the pastoral countryside in his work, and is one of the more popular painters to create British landscapes. The JW Waterhouse painting, Waterhouse Lady of Shalott, is one of his most popular works, although this artist is popular for many different paintings of outdoor scenes in Britain. Constable used his imagination to manipulate some of the works, but is famous for his ability to capture the essence of England.

Ophelia, is a popular painting by the artist Millais, who is famous for spending a significant amount of time on his works. In Ophelia, Millais worked with a model who entered the river and bathed so that he could create the most realistic painting. The work appeared to have an ethereal aspect at its core.

Learning from some of the great landscape artists can lend inspiration for the way that you decide to go about making your own landscape paintings. Getting acquainted with the ways that artists did series, or took studies of different landscapes in order to create a painting, can lend especially helpful advice to a new artist.

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